Buy American and Hating the GPL

“Buy American” Is Un-American

Interesting discussion of the Marxist underpinnings behind the “Buy American” campaign. I’ve long felt that buying over-priced, low-quality products just because they are “American” is inherently stupid. The classic case of “Buy American” focuses often on the Auto industry. Supporting unions like those of the US Auto industry is absolutely immoral in my opinion. Why should I prop up a bunch of over-paid, under-skilled asshats just because the more efficient (and more honest) foreign companies would put the American company out of business? OH NO!!! Some Americans might loose their job and have to put some effort into developing a useful skillset instead of getting paid $50/hour to tighten nuts! OH SHIT!

Why I Don’t Love GPL

Interesting, if convoluted, rant about the GPL. The author attacks the GPL from the aspect that it ties a philosophical viewpoint to the use of the software and how this takes the economic road of a “shadow market” (like drugs or other illegal activities). Very interesting, though I’m not sure if I see much merit in the argument.