Special Delivery!

To Stonesthrow Apartments, Property Management:

Regarding your policy requiring written notice prior to receiving any package from a public shipping courier or the US Postal service: Terrorism via public shipping has usually targeted only very important places or people. Stonesthrow apartments is not an important place. None of your residents are important people likely to attract the attention of a terrorist. The likelihood of a terrorist attack at Stonesthrow via public delivery services is significantly lower than the likelihood of one of your residents busting into your office and shooting everyone in anger because one of their important packages was not delivered due to nonsensical bureaucratic paranoia.

Thank you,

Stephen M. Redd,

Deliver us from Yvel!

One of my long time aliases is the name “Yvel”. I came across this today, and thought the use of yvel was particularly interesting in this context.

The Lord’s Prayer in English:
From a 15th century MS, Douce 246, Bodleian library

Fader oure that art in heuene, halewed be thy name: thy kyngedom come to thee: thy wille be do in erthe as in heuen: oure eche dayes brede 3eue us to daye: and for3eue us oure dettes as we for3eue to oure dettoures: and lede us no3te into temptacion: bot delyver us from yvel. Amen.

They feared me back in the 15th! Not sure what the “3”s are all about though, maybe some 15th century form of l337 speak…