Pirate Who?

One of my favorite bloggers sums up my own recent acts of piracy in a post titled: Doctor Who, the BBC, the Rest of the World, and Bittorrent 

I have been increasingly annoyed by the practice of broadcasters releasing TV shows or movies in one part of the world long before they come out in another. Or in the case of Doctor Who (one of my all-time-favorites) the fact that it doesn’t air in my own country at ALL!

And what really chaps my ass is that there aren’t any plans for the show to be distributed in the U.S.Aanytime in the foreseeable future… and please don’t even get me started on the region encoded DVDs that make it super annoying to buy the show so I can watch it legally.

But there is a REAL proposal for a workable solution to the issues of digital piracy and media distribution in this two part article titled “Piracy is Good?” (part 1 and part 2). This article is aimed primarily at the most threatened of all of the traditional media productions; broadcast TV, but the solution would apply well to any video media distribution.

This is a truly amazing piece, that explains the existing problem that all forms of TV currently face. But most importantly, it proposes real solutions that will work.