Dart: Because Google is Tired of Getting Sued

Google has announced Dart; a structured programming language for the web.  If you don’t understand why Google is making Dart, or wonder “do we really need a new language” then you need to understand two things.

  1. JavaScript sucks. Sorry, it just does. It has come a long way over the years, but the best that can be said is that it sucks less than it used to. No matter how far it evolves, it will always carry the baggage it picked up during its chaotic youth.  
  2. Google has always relied heavily on tools to convert real programming languages (Java mostly) into JavaScript. But they, like Microsoft in the late 90’s, have gotten sued by Java’s overlords. So they, like Microsoft, have decided to write their own platform. Not only can they solve the problem better, they also are less likely to get sued for it. 

Dart has a decent shot at gaining real popularity from what I see. There certainly is a lot of demand for something like this, and Google’s name should help sell it.    

2 Replies to “Dart: Because Google is Tired of Getting Sued”

  1. You could have just said “I love Google, please send me advertising money”?

    Please. They are pitching their product on the basis it is convertible to java script, which makes your whole justification for their product, make no sense what so ever, unless you never bothered to read the material, or worse, don’t care what it says, just say “I love Google”?


    1. At the time I wrote that, Google’s intention was clearly to include a native dart interpreter/compiler in the browser. The compile-to-JavaScript feature gave it compatibility with existing browsers, but their hope in the long-run was that dart would become popular enough to get integrated directly into browsers as a native alternative to JavaScript.

      That hasn’t happened, but the reason probably has more to do with Google’s change of CEO and overall strategy. Over the last several years, Google has tightened its focus (too much in my opinion) and they seem to have largely given up on putting real effort into experimental tech.

      I am VERY unhappy with their overall change in direction, and Dart seems to have stagnated and died as far as I can see…. TypeScript is probably the only js alternative that has any future now.

      I can see that you are very bitter about Google’s use of monetized advertising as a business model, but I don’t see how that relates to the merits of language projects like Dart or Go. Every large tech company has to have a revenue stream. Microsoft’s revolves around milking vertical product monopolies, and C# turned out to be one of the best static typed languages on the planet and VB still owns the business apps segment. Oracle’s strategy has devolved into just suing everyone, and Sun had a similar tradition… still though, Oracle’s database servers are solid and Java (while I’m no fan personally) is the most widely used language on the planet.

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