Developer Backlash from the Windows 8 Preview

So… the first public peek at Windows 8 was not well received by the developer community. At the heart of the issue is the focus on HTML 5 + Javascript for native Windows 8 apps.

If you wanna see just how bad the developer reaction is, then just check out the comments section from the Channel 9 posting of the Windows 8 preview video.

That’s very nearly universal dissent you see in those comments, and lots of it. There is hardly a kind word to be found in the comments at all.

If you don’t think that’s a big deal, keep in mind that channel 9 is operated by Microsoft and targets the Microsoft developer community. A group of more than 2 developers almost never agree about anything, so seeing universal anger like that does NOT bode well.

Many of the comments were very thick with sarcasm too:

WOW! Finally Windows gadgets get the focus they deserve! I always thought these puny gadgets were never going to amount to much but Microsoft making them full screen is just sheer genius.

— DeathByVisualStudio

Yeah, that’s about right. There was also this gem here:

The ultimate comeback of windows media center. The biggest success in the history of software. Thank God I can finally see what the weather is and get my stock prices

— Kevin

Look, even if we’re all wrong about Silverlight and WPF getting side-lined here, it doesn’t change the fact that MS has been doing a horrible job conveying to their developer base any sense of a coherent strategy going forward. It seems to many of us like MS hasn’t got a fucking clue what they are doing, and is just flailing around aimlessly. Even if that isn’t true, that’s the impression… and that’s not good.

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