Die Twitter!

Starting last summer, my twitter account started getting hijacked to send out marketing spam. No biggie, I thought, I’ll just change the password. A few days later, hacked again… then again… then again…

I unhooked Twitter integration from all my other sites and services, pulled all the app permissions, and even wrote a quick app to generate a random 14 character super-strong password (mixed case, special characters, numbers, etc.)

Then… yup! Hacked again.

Twitter would catch on to the hack each time, after my account started spamming random adverts all over the place. They’d disable the account, and email me to change the password.

I don’t use Twitter much. I didn’t have their native apps installed on my phone, nor my computer. I don’t even like Twitter very much. So eventually I just decided to leave the account disabled, figuring that eventually Twitter would tighten up their security.

Then a couple of days ago, I got email telling me the account had been hacked again. I never had re-enabled it after that last hack, but sure enough, when I went to the site I could login using my random generated password no problem.

So that’s it… I’ve killed my twitter account.

I have more than 140 characters of ideas about what Twitter can do with themselves.


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