Got ’em with a fax-back!

So, Caress tells me a story today about how her co-workers don’t trust her. For background, she works at a security alarm company. For security reasons I can’t name the company, lets just say it is a pretty big security franchise that rhymes with steamroll if you get really drunk.

Anyway, it fell on Caress’s shoulders to order new electronic door passes for a customer. To do this she had to contact the parent office in a nearby city and have them make the passes and send them to her. She also asked for a list of the new pass codes (numbers) and who each code was to be assigned to (so she could make sure the right people get the right pass).

One employee at the parent office who we’ll simply call Ms. Bee took Caress’s issue, and then faxed her the requested list of codes.

Later another person at the parent office, who we’ll call Jewel, came to the conclusion that Caress shouldn’t be allowed access to those codes because she isn’t certified in North Carolina (where the parent office is located).

Never mind that Caress is certified in South Carolina where her office and the customer are both located. These details are not directly relevant to the story.

So… anyway, Jewel calls Caress up and says something very much like this:

“You shouldn’t have those codes, so I’m going to have to ask you to fax them back to me.”

Of course, Caress must not have been on her game today because her reply was:

“I’m going to make a copy first”

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