Kinetic Sculptures

A long time ago (sometime in 1997) I came across a clockwork wall sculpture in an expensive art and collectibles shop. I’m not easily impressed with any piece of art and generally lack an eye for visual arts in particular.

But I stood in this store watching this wooden clockwork type sculpture/device make the most amazing motion patterns for what must have been 2 or 3 hours. It was one of the most amazing and beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I’ve thought about that piece many many times in the many years since I visited that shop.

I would gladly have bought it, but with a price in the $1500 range, I simply couldn’t afford too… still cant.

But, I did finally find out who makes them; David C. Roy. And it turns out that he has a web site… with flash animations of many of his works.

Check it out at:

The particular piece that I was watching was Tango.

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