TicketDesk 2.0 MVC – alpha demo now available

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working on the next major version of TicketDesk 2.0 on the  ASP.NET  MVC framework. The project is still a little early in development, but is starting to resemble a real application now.

I’ve put demo site up to give the public a preview…

The demo of TicketDesk 2.0 MVC alpha is now online. I’ll be updating it from time to time as I reach different milestones. When the project gets closer to a beta state I’ll likely check it into source control over at the TicketDesk codeplex project, but for now I’m working offline on it.

Implemented so far:

  • TicketCenter with the default list views
  • TicketEditor displays ticket information

    • The visual formatting is very rough
    • Attachments cannot be downloaded (this is on purpose… my demo is not an FTP server for the public’s warez  :P)
  • New Ticket feature should be fully functional 
  • TicketEditor activity panel should support most activities

    • “edit ticket” and “add attachments” remain incomplete.   
  • Account management is borrowed mostly from the “sample” MVC app, but has been customized for ticketdesk.

Stuff that isn’t done:

  • Notifications and RSS are not implemented
  • Visual Styling and formatting is very “stock MVC sample”  for now

    • I like the general layout, but the text formatting needs lots of work

  • Ticket Search is absent
  • None of the admin tools are complete

Go poke at the demo and see what you think.

I welcome any comments, observations, or questions you might have, but don’t go reporting bugs yet…this is an alpha demo so I already know it doesn’t work very well yet 🙂


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