TicketDesk 3 Dev Diary – Update: One AspNet and Aspnet.Identity

Since most of what I’m working on now is being done in my private repository, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on TicketDesk 3′ s progress.

I’m still working on TD3, but late in the fall it became apparent that I needed to wait on the RTM version of Visual Studio 2013 and the new Asp.net Web API 2 and Identity bits. Now that this stuff has all been released, and most of the dependencies have caught up, I have resumed work on TD3.

The main challenge is incorporating the new Aspnet.Identity framework. I am thrilled that Microsoft finally replaced the old security providers, but the transition to Aspnet.Identity is not all roses. The new framework is not as well documented as I’d like, and guidance on advanced uses is still thin. It is also fairly complex framework that requires a good bit of manual coding, especially when used in conjunction with a SPA front-end. Fortunately for me, Yago Pérez Vázquez has created a template project called DurandalAuth that does exactly what I’ve been trying to do with TicketDesk…. combine the bleeding edge versions of Aspnet.Identity and Web API 2 with the bleeding edge versions of Durandal, Breeze, and Bootstrap.

In fact, his template is so good, that I’m pretty much building TicketDesk 3 on top of his template instead of just porting the authentication stuff into my existing TD3 project… and this is why the project hasn’t been pushed into the public repository just yet… it’s a new project that doesn’t yet have all the features from the old one.

There are a few things about the DurandalAuth template that I’m not so sure about; the use of StructureMap instead of Ninject for IoC, and fact that he’s layered the back end with a custom repository and unit of work pattern… but overall, the design is generally the same as what I had been designing for TD3; except that he’d also implemented the new asp.net identity bits. The template also includes some SEO stuff that isn’t relevant to TicketDesk 3, though I may leave it there in case people want to make use of it.

At present, I’m in the process of combining the new project with the code I’ve already written for TD3, and adapting the design to TD3’s particular needs (internationalization for example). This will take a few more weeks, but once I’m done I will be able to push the new project to the public GitHub repository for everyone else to look at.

The technology stack for TD3 is now complete; and includes the following:

  • Asp.net Web API 2
  • Durandal 2 & Breeze
  • i18Next
  • Aspnet.Identity
  • Bootstrap 3
  • SignalR 2

The only major design element that I’ve yet to work out completely is using ACS and/or ADFS security. The identity implementation for Web API 2 uses a different mechanism (organization accounts) for integrating with ACS and ADFS; so I’ll have to find a way to smash the two options together; and provide enough internal abstractions to where either configuration is possible with minimal additional code.

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  1. I can for sure say that this is one of my most watched after projects, i really hope you can bring TD-3 to fruitation, when i saw github hadn’t been updated in 7 months i was really afraid that the project had been abandoned as so many opensource projects end up.

    I’m so excited to see you still going strong, do you have any idea when you’ll sync with github again?

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