Tumblr to WordPress, redirecting the old URLs

I’ve been blogging a long time. I’m not necessarily a popular blogger, but I do have a few posts that come up in google searches, or were linked from sites more popular than mine.

Whenever I move to a new platform I’m left with the problem of redirecting those links to the right place. Typically, this involves me wasting a day just making some sort of mapping file, and hand hacking up 301 permanent redirects.

Now, I could edit all the wordpress posts and manually change their permalink addresses to match the ones tumblr created, but I like the way wordpress generates URLs.

Fortunately, when I imported from tumblr to wordpress (indirectly, via the tumblr2wordpress converter), I ended up with a similar pattern for the post URLs on both sites.

My old Tumblr URL’s look like this:


Where the wordpress URL’s look like this:


The URL pattern differs only in that the old one contains “post/<some number>”; which is annoying. So I went and found a nice redirect plugin that supported regular expressions. The redirection plugin by John Godley was able to handle this with grace and simplicity.

All I had to do was setup one single redirection using regular expressions:

Source URL = .*/post/d+/(.*)
Destination URL = /$1

That’s it!

My old tumblr URLs are redirecting to the correct place. Additionally, the plugin lets me monitor the redirects, and will log any 404s for old links don’t quite match up to the new locations –which I can then fix by hand.

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  1. I may just be really slow but I can’t redirect my tumblr to my wordpress. I’ve linked them together so that when I post a picture on wordpress it also goes to tumblr so my tumblr followers see it on their dashboard. If people on tumblr click on my blog I want it to go to my wordpress blog which it did when I first bought my custom domain but it isn’t doing it anymore.

    Please help!

    1. Charlotte, I’m not sure I can help with that. This post is aimed at people who are moving all of their content from tumblr over to a wordpress site, then they’ll be doing away with the tumblr site entirely. What they need is for links (on other people’s sites, or google search results) that point to old locations on tumblr, to instead redirect those users to the same content item at the new wordpress site instead.

      What you are talking about seems to be cross-posting, where there are two sites that duplicate the same content. Since I haven’t used tumblr in a very long time, I don’t have any special insight into how to configure tumblr for such cross-linking.

  2. I am having a difficult time forwarding older posts from my old site. I migrated from tumblr to wordpress and everything looks great except I have broken links…. pins from pinterest, old Facebook shares… etc. My site is momfashionlifestyle.com my old site is momfashionlifestyle.tumblr.com I don’t understand what to enter for the one redirect using the redirect plugin. In the source url do I enter, momfashionlifestyle.tumblr.com/post=.*/post/|d+/(.*)

    and in the destination url-

    Im so confused!
    Please help!

    1. This will not work for your case. It assumes you were using your own custom domain name when you were hosted on tumblr, and then moved your domain over to wordpress later. In your case, you were using a tumblr URL before, and have moved to a new domain on wordpress. Links that used to point to your tumblr URLs will still point to them now though, so as long as you leave the old posts on tumblr you’ll be ok. You could also edit all your old tumblr posts and put a link to your new blog’s url.

  3. Hi there! I am having SUCH a difficult time re-directing my tumblr site to wp. I’ve already transferred all my old posts to my new wp site, which look great, but i want it to be that if people go to my tumblr website, it will automatically re-direct to my new website.

    I followed instructions here: http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-properly-move-your-blog-from-tumblr-to-wordpress/

    and it didn’t work for me. Now my tumblr page is completely blank and i’m not sure if i screwed up the html?? can anyone help?!?! i’m desperate and having a tough time understanding the computer “language”

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